Monday, March 8, 2010
run! with BRUTE LABS and Red Rock

We're excited to announce run! at Red Rock, the second and latest project we're doing in partnership with this great Mountain View non-profit coffee shop. Last year, we raised over $8,000 to fund fresh water wells in Ghana as part of our Well Done campaign. As our sponsor for the run! at schools project, which recently won a $10k Sappi Ideas that Matter grant to incentize low-income elementary school kids to get healthier, Red Rock shares our passion to promote healthier living in kids and adults alike.

run! at Red Rock is a 3-month campaign to promote health, fitness and community-building in the Mountain View, California area (and beyond!). We launched on February 8, and it will run until at least April of this year. We hope that we can inspire and empower each person who participates to build healthy habits, achieve their fitness goals, meet others along the way, and above all, have fun doing it! So whether its running, cycling, swimming, rock climbing, going out for a walk, or something else, we want to celebrate and encourage everyone to get outside or to the gym to get their hearts beating and blood flowing.

To help participants get up and move, we've created a run! at Red Rock site, where people can log their activities, and compete for prizes and bragging rights.

Red Rock community members will be leading a number of events, including group bike rides and runs, and yoga workshops. We've also created a run! kit just for this campaign, which includes a run! t-shirt, pedometer and REI water bottle, which we're selling at Red Rock for $12.66 (our cost).

Partnering with local businesses

We've also partnered with the following local businesses to provide prizes and workshops to run! at Red Rock participants:

Join run! at Red Rock

Of course, you can participate too, whether or not you live near Mountain View. Visit the run! at Red Rock site for more information. If you live in or are visiting the Bay Area, be sure to drop by Red Rock and show your support!

Red Rock Coffee

201 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041

Many members of BRUTE LABS and the staff at Red Rock came together to make run! at Red Rock possible. Here are a few of the notable individuals:
  • John Dustman, Steve Joh, and Erin Brewbaker for representing Red Rock
  • Danny Bowman, Gloria Tzou, and Jason Shafton for heroic efforts on the run! site
  • Emily Jayne Scott, Alice Wang, and Joshua To for the amazing design work

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